Introducing French-born artist, Marie Carmen. Influenced by belonging and connection, her use of colour and line explores her journey and the balance between the multiple forces that have shaped her life.

"My name is Marie Carmen.

I am an artist, born in the south of France, in a beautiful city called Montpellier. This penchant for creativity was a gift from my beautiful Spanish mum, who was a talented dress-maker. I used to spend hours observing her dedicated fingers magically transforming nothing into something. At home, my brother was an irresistible compulsive painter, painting on the walls or our home and creating sculptures too. Drawing, painting and sewing were my daily essentials. As far as I can remember. 

After working in Paris, I emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. I am blessed with a french <<je ne sais quoi>>, Spanish passion running through my veins and a fierce love for nature in my Australian home. 

As a result of my parents immigration, and my own immigration journey, the recurring <<non straight>> lines in my artwork symbolise the roads, the choices, the inevitable moments and turns... As a result of this journey, I highly value a sense of belonging and connection. This is strongly present in my work too. Painting connects my internal universe to the world around me. It creates a most needed balance between the multiple influences that have shaped who I am".



Showcasing selected artworks from French-born artist, Marie Carmen, who is now based in Melbourne, Australia. After receiving a strong community response to her first collection at RS, we've invited Marie back with her second curated collection of abstract pieces.