To celebrate Mother's Day, we've teamed up with THE INARRA, a prestigious online platform devoted to contemporary motherhood, to host a special event honoring Mother's Day and women in entrepreneurship. This empowering occasion will unite a diverse community of mothers, business owners, and creatives, paying tribute to the resilience, strength, and ingenuity of women across various fields.

Carla Uriarte, mother to Paz and a versatile artist serving as the Creative Director at Cafe Freda's, embraces a spontaneous approach to life that leads her to explore different facets of herself. Themes such as evolution, ancestry, motherhood, and connection permeate her work, aimed at externalizing internal emotions and fostering a sense of belonging, comfort, and companionship in viewers' journeys.

In our conversation with Carla, we delved into her daily balancing act, joys, and hurdles as a full-time mother, artist, and business owner.


Carla, we have always loved your art from afar and we're so excited to showcase these selected pieces in time for Mother's day, tell us how you find your creativity while also being a full time mother? 

That is very kind, thank you! It took a little while to get back into the groove and lots of adjusting to fully resettle into my art practice. Initially when Paz was really tiny I discovered new ways of creating, exploring different mediums that were non toxic / not messy and easy to use so that I could create while still holding her on a carrier or having her next to me. This really inspired the layering with watercolor crayons which you can see throughout my work during these past two years. But also duh, she inspires me too! And so does being a mom. I was reading her a 'Spot’ book last night and couldn't get over how cool the graphics were. Inspiration for creativity is everywhere - one thing points to another thing and then another and another on an infinite loop. 

During your creative career and working towards becoming an Artist, what has been your biggest inspiration and challenge? 

Being a small business owner and running ‘Cafe Freda’s’ / the former gallery ‘Abstract Thoughts’ with my husband has taken a lot of my time / energy and having a baby on top of that has also been an obvious big life adjustment / time eater. Since the birth of these two things time has been my biggest challenge - finding enough of it to not only feel balanced but to have a consistent art practice. I have to be really disciplined and make sure I schedule in time to just create. When working on projects / flyers or any design work I try to marry my artwork (made with creative freedom) to what I am making, this creates a nice feeling of honesty behind all of my designs. Also luckily, having Cafe Freda’s is loaded with inspiration - being a present member in the community brings me so much joy. Knowing that I am doing something that is bigger than me is everything and more. 

What is next for you and your art practice? 

I have always been super interested in merging my art and poetry into a beautiful book. I'd also love to shift some focus into pottery again. Creating more things that people can buy at an affordable price so that they can have a piece of my soul. I’d also love to find an agent or manager - someone who can assist with all my creative endeavors and goals. If you are out there please find me! 

If you could give any other artists who are also full time mothers any advice what would it be?


Be gentle with yourself and know that things come in waves. Learning how to schedule your day and time whether it's working in the mornings or late at night - doing whatever it takes to make sure you give yourself the time to set your ‘expression’ free. Prioritizing YOU and your practice will energize you in the biggest way possible. 


We have a collection of Carla's artwork exclusively available online and can be arranged for private viewing at our Darlinghurst showroom. Explore the artworks here.