ROYGBIV - The Journey 

Back in early 2021 Goldie and I knew that this year was the year to take a leap of faith and start the search for a space to showcase the jewellery brands (Henson and Henson & Gold). It was time for both brands to have a home and for people to finally see these handcrafted pieces in real life.

The search began, and within a week or so we found the biggest, bluest building you could find and knew that this was the perfect space for us. Knowing it was a much bigger space than we ever imagined for the home for the jewellery brands we knew we had a larger job on our hands but it excited us knowing we could create something different to what is already out there and something unique for everyone to enjoy.

So the journey began and wow it's been a journey!

From painting each wall a fresh coat of white to brighten and refresh, to fitting a new ceiling, pulling out the bathroom and ripping up the kitchens floors. The renovations well and truly started and the process became very real! 

The race was on to get the retail space finished by the end of June at this point is was early April so we felt like we had enough time. COVID was is full swing and the lockdowns started and continued... 
We used this time to work away and work as fast as we could to get ready for the opening whenever that would be. 

3 months later the work load continued and the scale of work increased. Luckily, Goldie is a master of all trades and he wanted to use all of the skills he's learned over the years and put his creativity into action and it's been amazing to see all of his amazing ideas come to reality. With the help with our dear friends Tom, Tommy, Jono we've managed to re design and build handcrafted features and that are now shaping our space to be this retro and eighties inspires destination that is full of colour and life. We are so proud and grateful for those who have helped along the way :) 

The one thing that always kept us up at night was the colour of the building. It's blue. Do we keep the blue? We love the blue! It's an Iconic colour! We have to keep it, but we need to make the building our own. So many questions and also we want to keep out neighbourhood happy :)... This went on for a while! Until our dear friend Josh came to the rescue and after 6 hours spent on photoshop looking at how the building would look painted every colour of the rainbow, Goldie knew that we needed to have a sleek, cool colours that repressed the high end level of product that is inside. We decided to split and have half grey and we keep the top half blue to keep the heritage of the blue alive and we now love our new look! We hope you do too! 

Lockdown continued and in a way we have been blessed with more time to complete this project. Who knew the hours, blood, sweat and tears that goes into such a project of building a brand, business and renovating all at the same time! 
Cutting a very long story short, we have nearly finished and the weight is being lifted each day seeing our designs come to life and seeing the finishing touches take place. 

We really hope you love our creative space and we can't wait to continue to build and design other areas of the property to involve RAINBOW STUDIOS even further. There is much more to come! But for now, please enjoy us from afar and enjoy our online store. 

We will be planning our opening party for as soon as lockdown is over! Watch this space!!! 

Love Jade & Goldie x