• Flower Bed 82
  • Flower Bed 82

Flower Bed 82

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Kane Lehanneur

'Flower Bed 82' by Kane Lehanneur

76cm x 91cm

Kane Lehanneur is an emerging, multidisciplinary artist working between oil & acrylic paint and printmaking techniques to engage with the complex and myriad layers of Australia’s physical and political landscapes. Based upon un-ceded Gayemegal land, just north of Sydney, Kanes background in design, photography and videography reflects a deep understanding of composition, balance and textured studies in his practice. Currently creating betwixt two divergent styles, Lehanneur’s paintings reveal both clinical and expressive movement as the artist fluctuates between abstractive and minimalist processes.

Kanes practice relies on the networks of nature as a guide and muse of inspiration for his subjects, and so, has recently pivoted his artistic focus in accordance with the climate crisis.