Artist Jenna Bitar, has created us an exclusive collection of abstract works that pay homage to nature through its similarities to scenes of the earth seen from above, which offer a unique perspective on the beauty of the earth.

Born to a French mother and a Lebanese father in 1993 she was raised on the little slice of paradise that is Bali, Indonesia. Surrounded by raw and abundant nature she was captured by a desire to celebrate the beauty of nature. She taints linen canvas’ with pigments, layering textures and organic curves to mimic nostalgic stills buried in memories bred in Bali. From her jungle abode, she painted plural versions of landscapes to communicate the visceral optical sensation that unravel the refined beauty nature offers as a means to evoke a connection.

With a focus on texture and depth, these paintings feature rich hues of earthy pigments and natural tones, creating a sense of dimension that draws the viewer in. The need to decipher and understand the emotion it provokes incites long reflections of wonder and awe. These works of art are a tribute to the natural beauty of Nature and a celebration of the importance of preserving our planet.

Exclusively available via the Darlinghurst showroom and our online store.