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Genus VI


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Genus VI By Jordy Hewitt

155.5 x 125.5cm framed in white Tasmanian Oak

Jordy Hewitt (b. 1985) is an Australian painter whose work attempts to navigate contending life and bodily forces, identity, and the subtle intersections of interior and exterior emotional realms. She grew up near the ocean in Boorloo/Perth, Western Australia, and now lives and works in Walyalup/Fremantle. 

Moving between varying degrees of abstraction, Hewitt’s paintings are marked by a development of expressive colour fields through blending and layering—manifestations of introspective and often cathartic processes of mixing, adding and scraping away matter. Her work reflects a grappling with her own worldly experience as vessel or channel, crossing between the light and dark edges of her felt realities and parallel emotional places. Her paintings attempt to delight but also delve deep into human experience and permit confrontation of its complexity.