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Sydney By MEKONG 

20 x 15cm

Black Timber Frame 

MEKONG, the face with an upside-down banana for a mouth has become a tag for Sydney artist James Ettelson - an alter ego who’s energy flows through a number of different mediums. 

‘I first created him on a ceramic plate years ago to communicate an absurd experience. The face I later named MEKONG, has since floated free from the ceramic and onto many different materials and works. You could say he’s living in a kind of wonderland, appearing and disappearing at will, taking part in only those things that are of interest.’ 

His collaboration with The Visual Arts Club, marks MEKONG’s move into metals. Each piece carved onto copper, furthers the strength of narrative - of making magic from the raw materials of existence. 


The motifs and symbols captured in the piece Sydney, speak a subtle duality. Light and dark elements come together to communicate love, loss and the power of balancing both to create art.