• The Aegean Sea
  • The Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea

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'Left Behind' By Art Club

The Aegean Sea By Claudia Lowe

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas

90 x 60 cm 

Originally from New Zealand, Claudia is an artist, 

Graphic designer & photographer working on Gadigal land. Claudia’s lucid works are a result of acrylic reactions through movement and colour collision. Claudia is 

Interested in challenging the art world of Sydney. 

She thrives from experimentation and exploring new endeavours. 

Taking her knowledge from the past couple of years of working and learning curation at Saint Cloche Gallery, she carries a passion for uplifting young emerging artists. She wants to use the knowledge of art history to inform and encourage young artists into a new wave and era of art movement..