• The Story Within

The Story Within

Sarah Ellen

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'The Story Within' by Sarah Ellen 

Oil on Canvas

Raw Tasmanian Oak Frame 

101cm x 152cm 

Sarah Ellen is a Filipino-Australian-born artist, raised in Sydney's Western suburbs. Her love for colour was ignited at the tender age of six when she discovered her grandmother's art studio in the country town of Hillston. The playful and evocative use of colour in her grandmother's paintings inspired her to explore the relationship between colour and emotion, ultimately shaping her artistic vision. 

Despite a childhood marked by instability in transient family homes, Sarah cultivated a keen sense of home wherever she found herself. She set up her first art studio in her one-bedroom apartment at the age of 18, turning the bedroom into a dedicated art space and sleeping on the sofa. Her artistic work explores themes of fear, freedom, and belonging, with an emphasis on the interplay between vibrant hues and muted tones. Her work celebrates the power of art to challenge convention, foster innovation, and promote personal growth.