Ming Nomchong

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Dedicated to a love affair of the Pacific, spanning a lifetime, bottled in a book.

Where does your mind go when it wanders to paradise? In her debut book, PACIFIC, photographer Ming Nomchong traces the contours of her personal journey in search of it.

Vivid pages of photography, collage, and printmaking are supported by prose and poetry by the talented Kathryn Lyster. The resultant daydream is set against white sand beaches offset by hazy horizons – mysteriously magnetic and playful all at once.

Through the bleary sunny flare, readers are beckoned to make sense of their own ideas of paradise, warped through the prism of memory and time.

A spellbinding work of art. The perfect gift for water babies, creatives, and dreamers alike. 

Edited by Anna Hutchcroft, design by Lora Ward.

Published by Good Publishings & Ming Nomchong.

1st edition limited print run.

208 Pages
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-0-646-84803-7
22.3 x 29 cm