Queensland Artist Narjia Brownlie and Sydney-based creative Ali Whittle are joining forces to raise money for women in need through a collaborative art project, launching this Friday December 8 at our Darlinghurst Showroom.

The art project titled ‘Petals x Ali Whittle’ builds on the charitable initiative Narjia began earlier this year titled ‘Petals’. Petals donates a portion of every online artwork sale to a nominated women’s charity each quarter in an attempt to reach women who are in need of more tangible assistance than what art alone can provide. The Petals Collaboration Projects aim to extend this initiative and create a greater impact through meaningful collaboration.

In this project, with Ali as her collaborator and muse, Narjia painted an artwork based on Ali’s unique aesthetic and feminine spirit. The original artwork will be offered as the main prize in a ticketed competition, where all ticket proceeds will be donated to Ali’s selected women’s charity for the project, Good Shepherd.

While Narjia’s pop-up will celebrate the launch of this special project, it will also feature a selection of her most sought after fine art prints and new original paintings. Narjia’s work explores the intricacies of the feminine experience and is inspired by the complex ways women connect, associate and disassociate from one another and themselves. 

You can shop to discover the full art collection and purchase at the showroom and online.

By Narjia Brownlie Pop-Up @ RAINBOW STUDIOS | 348 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst

Friday 7th December | 10am – 5pm

Saturday 8th December | 10am – 5pm

Sunday 9th December | 10am – 2pm  




RAINBOW STUDIOS Presents 'Some Kinda Love' by RizRizRizz hosted at Prim Haus 

RizRizRizz is an accomplished Artist from Indonesia who is highly regarded for his exceptional works in sculpture, painting, and ceramics. His creations have been displayed in galleries worldwide, including Miami, where he exhibited alongside celebrated artists such as Pablo Picasso, Matisse, and Salvador Dali. Recently, his exhibition in Soho, New York, was a sell out show.This is Riz first ever showcase in Australia and will be showcasing 25 original artworks and 5 limited edition prints at the beautiful warehouse Prim Haus in St Peters. 

Opening night Thursday 23rd Nov | 6pm-9pm 

Open House Friday 24th Nov | 10am - 4pm 

Open House Saturday 25th Nov | 10am - 4pm






RAINBOW STUDIOS Presents 'I Send Myself Love Letters' by Sarana Haeata

Sarana Haeata is a Maori-Australian artist whose works span across painting, digital art and ceramics. From her home studio in the rugged desert country of Alice Springs, Sarana explores the beauty and nuances held in shared stories, collective and individual identity and the female experience. Her work is heavily influenced by the joy and exasperation of being a mum to four young daughters whose laughter keeps her sane, whose tears demand she stay focused on what’s important and whose presence meant that showering time throughout her twenties was kept to a bare minimum.

I Send Myself Love Letters: an exhibition of canvas and ceramic works by Sarana Haeata that explore the power of self acceptance versus mass acceptance. Through a series of abstract figurative pieces Sarana channels dreamlike feelings of freedom: To dive and fly, fall and rest knowing that we as individuals, naked beneath our socially constructed identities, are indeed, more than enough.

Opening night Thursday 2nd November - Friday 17th Nov




Opening Thursday 28th September 6-9pm

In celebration of RAINBOW STUDIOS 2nd Birthday this September, Founders Brent Gold and Jade Gillett have curated their first group Exhibition to be launched as the annual VISUAL ARTS CLUB. With 20 of their favourite Australian Artists being showcased in an exciting secret Sydney venue, this has been ear-marked as their largest showing to date.

Abbey Rich - Brett Chan - Brittany Ferns - Emma Creasley - Gareth Owens - Jamie Preisz - John Respondek - Joshua Space - Jordan Fleming - Jordy Hewitt - Kubi Vasak - Louis Wayling - Lochlan Sutherland - MEKONG - Milly Dent - Nicholas Caldwell - Oliver Ackland - Robby Bennett - Sarah Ellen - Tabitha Hope

Sponsored by Ester Spirits



By Skye Larocca 

Opening: Thursday 20th July


Skye LaRocca is a Sydney based, Contemporary Colour Field Artist whose first upcoming Solo Exhibition titled,"Interior Landscapes" explores our relationship with exterior colour and the effects on our internal-emotional landscapes.

"Interior Landscapes” is a full sensory, visual representation of the intricate relationship between the colours we experience daily and the impact on our internal space and emotions. At first glance, “Interior Landscapes” appears to be all about the surface: large canvases filled with solid, vibrant hues that seem to radiate light and energy. But as one spends more time, exploring these works individually, they evolve into more intricate works and a deeper emotional terrain begins to emerge.

The colour fields begin to suggest landscapes of the mind, complex emotional landscapes that we navigate every day. As we view each painting, we are invited to reflect deeply on our own experiences and emotions, and to consider the complex interplay between our internal world and explore more closely the external real world around us. 


Sponsored by artmoney.


By Kubi Vasak

Opening: Thursday 18th May 


Kubi Vasak has been working in the medium of collage for over a decade. During the COVID lockdowns of 2020, he started work on the Bloom Tall collection. During this period of increased isolation and uncertainty, he used this time to explore a new direction in his approach to the art of collage; moving from a predominantly paper-based practice to large scale mixed media compositions of form and colour. The works are a conscious celebration of hope and playful optimism.

While previously Vasak has explored the human figure as depicted in popular culture, here the human form is absent and plants are the lead protagonists. The plant forms and arrangements found in vintage books go through a process of abstraction. Cut from their original context the images have been scanned, recoloured, enlarged and re-printed; emphasising the texture in the offset printing process of the original. 

The transformation and abstraction in the work is further developed through Vasak’s application of paint and colour; used to create a sense of harmony, atmosphere, and tension and to elicit an emotional response. Paint both hides and highlights the shapes and movements in the cuts in the paper, while bold and at times bright brushstrokes lead the eye through an untethered space, where organic forms tell a new story of growth and evolution. 


Sponsored by artmoney.


By Gelbell 

Opening: Thursday 23rd March 


Introducing Gelbell for a very exciting second round! Following on from their first solo show 'Salted Butter' last September, Gelbell return with an evolved body of work called 'Never Never Land'.

This collection of work vibrantly encapsulates a sun stroked delirium detached from reality. Each piece an embodiment of the duo’s own whimsical nostalgia, drifting in and out of blissful days under the scorching sun. The melding of bold colours, awkward lines and jarring body shapes encapsulates the unserious nature that is Gelbell’s characteristic perspective. 

Gelbell is the name Angelica Wootton and Bella Greene jointly work under; self-taught artists working simultaneously on the same pieces. Their work is held in private collections across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK and USA. 


Sponsored by artmoney and Ester Spirits.


A Duo Exhibition by Kate Florence & Clare Dubina 

Opening: Thursday 23rd February


We celebrate our inaugural Duo show and the first exhibition of 2023 with a beautiful showcase that features the stunning works of the talented artists Kate Florence and Clare Dubina. "Being" is a celebration of life's simple beauty and a journey through the human experience, brought to life through the creative brilliance of paint and colour. Both heavily driven by the process of creating, Kate and Clare’s inspiration has been to work freely, guided by intuition and to not be bound by labels and expectations, a process of complete surrender. The duo play with fluid shapes, lines and curves that work alongside eachother. While their colour palettes are a mixture of earthy, deep tones mixed with bold and solid colours. The unique style and  perspectives seamlessly ccomplement one another, making for an exciting and dynamic viewing experience for the first time. 


Sponsered by artmoney