Raised in the Southern Highlands, Ella Dalton was drawn to spending as much time as possible being immersed in the outdoors. This led her to appreciate the beauty in small details and to draw inspiration from Mother Nature.

Currently based in Sydney, Ella focuses her time on art as a meditative and cathartic process, alongside her passions for counselling, art therapy, and coordinating a range of ceremonies as a certified civil celebrant.

Ella has designed and made two versions of the Coral Candle stick holder in the RAINBOW STUDIOS colours; Orange, Blue, Lilac, Green and Cream. Exclusively available via the showroom and our online store. Limited stock available.


Was there any particular reason you started creating your art?

Mainly as an expression of self. I had found myself at a bit of a cross road and went through a few personal hiccups, and creating became a therapy for me but also helped me unlock and discover myself.

How would you say your art/creation process has developed over time?

Ceramics is an absolute beast. I have tried, tested and failed many things over time and I will never stop learning. I think the main change from when I started, is I am not afraid to ask for help from my guru's.

Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from?

It is a hard question because I feel like everyone is an artist in their own right, and I am inspired by many beings. More than many. However, more traditionally speaking,I am incredibly inspired by the natural shapes that dominated Antonio Gaudi's practice. He maintained that there are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature, and therefore buildings must not. I am often tempted to

dive into the world of clean and clever wheel thrown ceramics, but there is something about the hand built dimples and imperfections that brings me back to Gaudi.

What’s your process when creating a work?

My process has different shapes, forms and flows depending on what I am creating – but no matter what, my process always involves just being. I never sit down and create if I am not feeling present. I make all of my ceramics by hand, which is by far the best part for me, and why I have found myself focusing my energy into clay. The feeling of the cold soft dough between my fingers is such a sensory and healing process, it makes creating so therapeutic. Typically, once I have built my pieces and they have returned from their first firing (there are naturally a few wounded soldiers in the process) I then hand glaze them. When it comes to checks, this can be quite a process. Each square. Individually drawn with a paint brush. But, it comes back to my love for picking up a brush, and I can get lost in this process, usually it is just me and a record, and the occasional friendly nudge from my needy dog.

Which part of your process do you enjoy the most?

Picking up the pieces from the kiln. It is by far the scariest, especially when working to a deadline, however it is so rewarding when you drop the little guys off, to then pick them up as transformed creatures.

Do you have a dream project?

A sculptural exhibition one day

What’s your most inspirational place?

Mum's kitchen or Snapper Rocks

Where do you feel most inspired?

The big blue. Vast, mysterious and cleansing. The ocean is constantly inspiring, motivating and shaping my work and myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Trust your gut & be the master of your own world. 


A limited-edition collection of the Coral Candle stick, designed and made by Ella in the RAINBOW STUDIOS colours; Orange, Blue, Lilac, Green and Cream. Exclusively available via the showroom and the RS online store.