RAINBOW STUDIOS proudly presents Denmark-based artist Jaakob Juul as our March Art Curation Artist of the month. This exclusive showcase features three new artworks created specifically for our Darlinghurst Showroom. We are thrilled to introduce International Artist Jaakob to our community of collectors

Jaakob’s artworks are exceptionally fun and playful, with a nostalgic nod to his childhood through his ‘R-bot’ characters, which are frequently seen in his work. These pieces can be enjoyed for their whimsical charm. 

We took some time to speak with Jaakob to learn more about his life as a full-time artist and to gain insight into the art scene in Denmark.


1. Jaakob, tell us a little more about yourself and how you became an Artist? 

My name is Jakob Juul, born in 1995, and I work as a self-taught artist from my studio in Aarhus. My entry into the world of art was unexpected; I began painting after impulsively buying a canvas, driven by a desire to explore this form of expression. Inspired by Danish artists, I quickly found a deep passion for painting, a passion that has grown stronger over time. I am fascinated by how images and drawings have served as means of communication throughout history, and being able to express my own thoughts and feelings through painting feels both privileged and incredible. That I can live off my art today, I regard as a great honor considering each piece I create is a reflection of my innermost thoughts and fantasies.


2. Your work is incredibly interesting with a variety of colour, texture and a 'robot' type character, can you tell us more about this character and the meaning of them being included in your artwork? 

In my artistic work, I am deeply fascinated by colors and contrasts. I strive to integrate colors in a manner that is intense and vibrant, yet without crossing the line into being overwhelming. To achieve this balance, I heavily utilize contrasts, especially through my black characters, which serve as a visual moderation of color intensity. This method allows me to play with the color spectrum while ensuring that my works remain harmonious and accessible to the viewer. 

My approach to materials is equally experimental. I feel that paintings can easily become too smooth and monotonous, which motivates me to work with a wide range of materials to create unique textures. Acrylic, wall paint, earth, water, oil pastel, oil sticks, sand, paper—the list goes on. This diversity of materials enriches the surface of my works with a physical depth that invites touching and closer examination.

The characteristic 'robot'-like figures that frequently appear in my works originate from drawings of my childhood in the early school years. These figures, now a central element in my art, act as a nostalgic element that connects me with a carefree childhood. For me, they symbolize the joy and freedom I experienced playing with friends, free from adult worries like bills and responsibilities. Reintroducing these figures in my adult life and art has not only been a personal rediscovery but also a way to capture and share this sense of unburdened joy with my audience. The ultimate goal of including these characters in my works is to evoke similar feelings of joy in my clients and viewers, thereby creating a connection that transcends the visual to encompass the emotional and reminiscent.

3. What is the art industry like in Denmark?

The art scene in Denmark is characterized by talented artists such as Tal R, John Kørner, and Sune Christensen, who inspire many to explore art. Although Denmark boasts some of the world's best artists, the general interest in art among Danes and in Scandinavia seems to be lower compared to countries like Germany. This may be due to different cultural priorities. Despite this, Denmark's artists, galleries, and museums play a crucial role in promoting and developing the art scene, ensuring that art remains an essential part of Danish society.


4. How do you find being a full time artist? What challenges do you face?

Being a full-time artist is an immensely rewarding experience that I cherish in every aspect. The ability to dedicate my time and energy entirely to art gives a profound sense of freedom and personal fulfillment. Creating art, expressing myself through my works, and seeing how others respond to them is deeply enriching.

However, the primary challenge I face is balancing my creative process with the administrative tasks that come with being a professional artist. My aim is to focus 100% on creating art, but the reality is that there's also a significant need to manage customer contact, accounting, shipping paintings, coordinating with galleries, and preparing for exhibitions among other practical tasks. These aspects can be time-consuming and often distract from the creative process.


5. What does 2024 look like for you and your art?

For 2024, I am fully confident that it will mark my most significant year to date. The growing interest in my art throughout 2023 has set a promising trajectory that I hope to continue. Additionally, I'm looking forward to hosting several exhibitions, including one in Munich in mid-April. This year will also see me holding my very first exhibition where I invite guests into my own big studio here in Aarhus, Denmark.

My commitment is unwavering towards both producing art and tirelessly working on refining my skills as an artist, day by day, step by step.