Shannon’s work reflects her vast tenure as a designer, specialising in textiles, print, and colour, married with an innate ability to compose textural, expressive compositions.

Heath’s signature style employs ethereal, neon-pastel palettes building layers in dramatic, emotive tableaux. She works with methods of layering and extraction primarily with acrylics, oil sticks and non-traditional painting tools. 

'COLLIDE’ invites you on a journey into the realms of chaos and calm, beauty and grit, fast and slow and the magic that arises when opposing forces collide.  

We interviewed our current ‘Artist In residence’ Shannon Heath, to learn a little more about her and how she feels after her incredible opening night of her debut Solo Exhibition ‘COLLIDE’

Congratulations on the opening of your debut Solo Exhibition 'COLLIDE' here in Sydney, how do you feel?

Feeling so relieved and grateful that it was such a beautiful evening. So many lovely humans in the room, the energy was high.

Can you tell us more about yourself and your art practice?

Currently, I have a studio practice 3-4 days/week, something I’ve worked diligently to prioritise. For the past 8 years I’ve juggled full time design work with my art practice, so to now be able to focus on my art practice is exciting. Whether it has been in my design roles or as an artist I’ve always produced creative work. I gravitate towards communicating with imagery which is no surprise given my career path!

Natural light is important when I am working, so I prefer to paint in the morning and during the day. I am not a night owl at all and feel way more creative in the morning, so this works perfectly for me. Movement and fresh air are also important to me before I get to the studio, so I try to incorporate this into my mornings.

We love your unique use of textiles, print and colour, what do you inspire to create for any new works and are you thinking about incorporating any new colours or textures?

Thank you! I love incorporating textiles and in particular denim into my work. I have always been obsessed with denim and have collected denim pieces over the years. I love the timeless appeal this material has and how it just gets better over time and with wear. Stitching denim and canvas together are like my two worlds (as artist and designer) colliding. In most of my design roles in the fashion industry, I have specialised in print and colour, so this naturally informs my work. Often, layers of colour coming together informs the composition. With my next body of work, I am exploring new colour palettes and colour pairings with my signature pastel neons.

What does the rest of 2024 look like for you and your art?

I have some exciting opportunities in the works. I have an upcoming solo show in Melbourne this April, and I am working on some collaborations with some amazing Australian brands. I am also working on some personal releases later this year too – stay tuned!

If you could describe the RAINBOW STUDIOS community in three words, what would they be?

Finger. On. Pulse.

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The full exhibition will be in view at our Darlinghurst Showroom until the 29th Feb.