Dion Agius, a professional surfer from Tasmania, now splits his time between there and Australia's east coast, constantly exploring coastlines, chasing swells and camping up and down the eastern seaboard. after a professional surf career, spanning 20+ years and breaking 100's of surfboards, there has always been a desire to find a use for the almost always discarded material.

After a recent surfing accident resulting in a broken leg, Dion's five-month recovery spurred his creative journey. It began with experimenting with broken surfboards, finding solace and inspiration in the soothing, meditative and repetitive sanding process. This led to the playful creation of a collection of vibrant, neon-colored objects

 "High performance surf objects for the home, also known as NOIDS."

“No material in my life has had such and impact on me as surfboard foam, surfing has given me everything. from my lifestyle, my livelyhood, so many incredible friends, amazing travels to the ends of the earth,  my love of nature and also my sanity.  barely a day has gone by over the past 20 years that i haven't intereacted with this material. exploring and learning techniques of the thousands of surfboard shapers before me but in the context of objects for the home…i'm fairly sure that these noids are the first ever mirrors and side tables to do have done airs and get barreled” 

These unique creations, born from surfboards that have traveled the world, embody the spirit of the ocean and invite adventurous souls to ride them. hints of graphic elements taken from old surf magazines from dions childhood are lightly sprinkled throughout the collection, an ode to surf culture that has engulfed and shaped dions life.

Each noid is a one of a kind and imbued with the energy of the ocean and high performance surfing adventures within it, these noids are at home in the water. surf them if you dare.