Rainbow Studios is a cultivated place for discovery, a creatively driven concept store in the heart of Darlinghurst. Nestled inside the iconic Sydney shell, the visionary duo Brent Gold and Jade Gillett have created an interchangeable space celebrating not only the established brother and sister Jewellery brands ‘HENSON’ and ‘Henson and Gold’ but other artisans alike - a studio offering one-of-a-kind items exclusively conceived for the space.

A careful selection of local and international artists, designers and handcrafted, custom products, Rainbow Studios is the true meaning of progression and when ideas become a colourful reality. A space filled with a mix of modern and retro mod design, visually striking with a bold, energetic colour palette and a journey of minimalist to maximalist. The moth icon represents transformation, the interchangeability of the space, the forever flow of evolution, the discovery of hidden desires. An element of surprise and escapism that can interplay with the brand’s collateral.

A goldsmiths workshop, secretly hidden underneath the shop floors where the real artisan comes to life to create his handcrafted, custom jewellery. This underground spot offers yet another layer to peel away and discover.

Uniquely, Rainbow Studios ensures to have an exhibiting collection of Jewellery, Art, ceramics, glassware, custom furniture, fragrance, books to become possessions for life, to love. To serve a longterm fulfilment rather than a short lived trend. Be sure to experience something new, something to share and want to experience again. A captivating feeling is felt and a sense of surprise and excitement is formed. This is a space to be explored; a creative institution to inspire, to enjoy and to be used as the visitor sees fit.