• Electric Kool Aid 11
  • Electric Kool Aid 11
  • Electric Kool Aid 11

Electric Kool Aid 11

Jamie Preisz

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Electric Kool Aid Candle Collection By Artist Jamie Preisz

The Wax is an Organic Soy Pillar wax and uses natural dyes made from various flower pigments.

The candles are a gradient reflecting the change of seasons in Messejana, Portugal.

Beginning with the blue and fading to red the scent’s transition from

Top notes of:

Cistus Ladanifer (Portuguese wild lavender flower common in Messejanna)

With Base Notes of:

Autumn leaf and wild grass

Transitioning to

Top notes of: Orange essence (a fruit that grows in the area of Messejanna,

With Base Notes of:

Notes of tobacco and hay

As the scent and colour of the candles transition it means every candle is truly unique within an edition of 50.

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