• "Scatola" by Sonia Pedrazzini
  • "Scatola" by Sonia Pedrazzini

"Scatola" by Sonia Pedrazzini

Le Morandine

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"Scatola" Le Morandine by Sonia Pedrazzini 

Style: Scatola 

Colour: Rosa Anitco (Pantone 687 U)

This interesting piece is inspired by the timeless and iconic paintings of still-life master Giorgio Morandi. The Scatola has its own bold character, featuring a different shape and height with a matte finish. Perfect to be displayed on it's own or together with our designs in the Le Morandine collection, with our without flowers, in endless combinations.


Le Morandine are exclusive objects created by Sonia Pedrazzini and are part of a project between art and design, which, since 1998, has been investigating the art of Giorgio Morandi and the study of the still life.

The vases are handcrafted in Italy and are initialed by a monogram which guarantees their originality. The small variations in shape, size, color are not in any way flaws but the sign of the uniqueness of each piece.

The Le Morandine are sculptural and decorative objects. However, being enamelled internally, and following some precautions, you can also use them as vases by adding water and flowers.

The matt and velvety effect of Morandi's paintings has been recreated using a cold finish and therefore the vases should be handled with care. Be careful not to scratch the surface.


  • H: 18.5 cm 
  • W: 12 cm
  • Ceramic 
  • Handmade and hand painted in Italy 
  • To clean, use a soft cloth, moistened with water only or with a mild detergent and immediately dry carefully 


Please email info@rainbowstudios.com.au to make a custom order. We can show you the choice of colours and shapes available. 

Production and shipping times, please allow 4-8 weeks in total.