On Thursday 2nd May marked the remarkable debut of 'NOID' by Dion Agius, an acclaimed surfer, filmmaker, and visionary entrepreneur hailing from Tasmania. Expanding his talents, Dion has ventured into crafting distinctive homeware and high-performance surf objects from recycled surfboards, cherished globally.

An exclusive display of high-performance surf-inspired home decor, also known as ‘NOID’S’, captivated attendees. With only a few items remaining from Dion's inaugural collection, the overwhelming response has prompted him to return to his studio and embark on creating a fresh collection of ‘NOID’S’, set to release in the coming months.

For those with specific preferences, commissions are welcomed. Please reach out to to place your requests and to be added to the waitlist.


Dion, how does it feel to have a near sell out show?

I’m so blown away and appreciative of the response, I was at first just so happy that people came to show up and support the show But then for people to actually want and buy so many pieces had just been amazing, im so happy that these pieces have found homes and that people are going to be living with them in their spaces all around the world. Can’t wait to see how they look in the wild.


Whats next for 'NOID's'

Well We had a few people who really liked some stuff that was already sold so I’ve got a little back order of people I’d like to try and make some new things for, but mostly I’m just excited now t keep making and keep exploring and keep pushing the Noids into whatever form they take next.

If you could describe the RAINBOW STUDIOS community in 3 words what would they be?

It’s been amazing to see the Rainbow studios community come out and be apart of this project, id Describe them as supportive, open and awesome.

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